The 25 Most Recent Rogues

(The most recent dungeon runs submitted to our server)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1RegixRogueDied on floor 104890941709
2KaedeRogueDied on floor 7271677725
3HighlanderRogue GeekWinner!2465544625153
4ThrutonstonWarriorDied on floor 5231046869
5ThermononusonGuild NoviceDied on floor 12744108
6AuguratiiWarlordDied on floor 1574661524388
7RegixHeroGuild Honored1612724110760
8TracyHeroDied on floor 19102972018255
9WoodenstringRogue GeekGuild Honored1489128022600
10RegixWarlordDied on floor 17101071666024
11LoganMaster RogueDied on floor 1376331362086
12SissiHeroDied on floor 20107802128082
13BabsRogue AddictWinner!1788734622597
15AuguratiiSpartanDied on floor 1584291744968
16SkChampionDied on floor 113449791789
17AuguratiiWarriorDied on floor 6217553997
18NobuRogue GeekWinner!1741236224528
19LatteDragonlordDied on floor 251152426217310
20RaistlinChampionDied on floor 1258161172408
21MartinMaster RogueDied on floor 1466191263876
22IgorChampionDied on floor 1157591232679
23KaedeChampionDied on floor 1151501103275
24AaGuild NoviceDied on floor 168141
25AuguratiiChampionDied on floor 1151461142376