The 25 Most Recent Rogues

(The most recent dungeon runs submitted to our server)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1ShaunSpartanDied on floor 1671041585617
2ZachSpartanDied on floor 1569991494393
3WeaselWarlordDied on floor 1793911843972
4RodneyMaster RogueDied on floor 1254641253645
5Prunedip VChampionDied on floor 1486261753926
6PontusRogue GodWinner!2055236028039
7LatteGuild MasterDied on floor 231059022213374
8WalGuild MasterDied on floor 2189482089216
9AbriliteChampionDied on floor 1167591282254
10BeagleOrcusWarlordDied on floor 20112942038359
11SartraMaster RogueDied on floor 1159551272370
12WalChampionDied on floor 93830852196
13GizmoMaster RogueDied on floor 1660991416181
14PlotinusRogueDied on floor 93270741680
15BorobApprenticeDied on floor 258613307
16FranckWarriorDied on floor 62561661506
17XerxeusChampionDied on floor 104217841964
18TreeserSpartanDied on floor 1567451455315
19blarghSpartanDied on floor 1890381736740
20Puddle jumpRogueDied on floor 842421002242
21WeaselMaster RogueDied on floor 1476891302634
22LatteRogue GeekGuild Honored1631333727507
23TracyWizardGuild Honored1459728315774
24PontiuzJourneymanDied on floor 24278126
25OrwellynAdventurerDied on floor 272420108