The 25 Most Recent Rogues

(The most recent dungeon runs submitted to our server)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1AceGuild MasterGuild Honored126371956918
2Sir TristanSpartanDied on floor 1881541274076
3ChrisGuild MasterDied on floor 23126162428208
4ParadealSpartanDied on floor 1669351575431
5TagayaMaster RogueDied on floor 1657201284880
6RobnoxiousChampionDied on floor 1085151492224
72017 10 21Rogue GodWinner!1986336626916
8TakosukeChampionDied on floor 134724982869
9John E. GO!SpartanDied on floor 1676361796815
10Thurloth the ElderHeroDied on floor 2196442169744
11RusWizardGuild Honored1416227618933
14PammieChampionDied on floor 1153721072750
15TracySpartanDied on floor 1881131637440
16KsvAdventurerDied on floor 4129920480
17AlanChampionDied on floor 1157771172226
18PantsMaster RogueDied on floor 1461751333810
19Lucky Duck🍀🐥🍀ðŸSpartanDied on floor 1786281221831
20KylarGuild NoviceDied on floor 1243247
21CreampyGuild NoviceDied on floor 2133331
22ButtwholeFighterDied on floor 7205148986
23ThudSpartanDied on floor 1572791555776
24MADWarriorDied on floor 62861551097
25Trollmotz SplatbeuleGuild MasterDied on floor 21119092509211