The 25 Most Recent Rogues

(The most recent dungeon runs submitted to our server)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1MowDragonlordGuild Honored1696033011997
2AndorRogue AddictWinner!2387545332153
3Pink FloydHeroDied on floor 21923920710738
4TroyFighterDied on floor 4145535680
5TroyChampionDied on floor 124288813250
6Doc ArmsWarlordDied on floor 2194442047944
7TroyRogueDied on floor 10307560936
8TroyChampionDied on floor 1152701302136
9LancelotSpartanDied on floor 1666921445819
10TroyMaster RogueDied on floor 1672691504996
11TelcantarRogue AddictWinner!1886333917991
12MowSpartanDied on floor 19102572127486
13SputnikFighterDied on floor 3115425483
14ZeusRogueDied on floor 62948761158
15SputnikRogue GeekGuild Honored1311325720385
16TroyWarriorDied on floor 62521571233
17SquinkyRogueDied on floor 63523681226
18SquinkyGuild NoviceDied on floor 1299588
19Rogue1AdventurerDied on floor 267814355
20terincapelWarlordDied on floor 1886701876739
21TroyHeroDied on floor 2187881865662
22LatteGuild MasterDied on floor 221051421511170
23TedRogue GeekWinner!2297937923585
24Potato 67.0Master RogueDied on floor 1674021342736
25MordredHeroDied on floor 211024722810636