Top 25 Secret Characters

(The best secret character runs for the past 7 days!)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1NeoBug ChaserWinner!55356953103639
2DrizztRogue AddictWinner!2204741253549
3ThorRogue AddictWinner!3477554238868
4NeoRogue GeekGuild Honored1250724232281
5ThorRogue GeekWinner!1909534321915
6AthenaRogue GeekGuild Honored1491829416737
7ConanDragonlordDied on floor 221091524512081
8GimliWarlordDied on floor 21847815710250
9GimliWarlordDied on floor 2073911619804
10GimliSpartanDied on floor 1777781717846
11AragornGuild MasterDied on floor 1678121705908
12NeoSpartanDied on floor 1478461384213
13King Leonidas of SpartaSpartanDied on floor 114140991998