Top 25 Secret Characters

(The best secret character runs for the past 7 days!)

  NameRankStatus Moves Kills Gold  
1ThorRogue AddictGuild Honored1834738559452
2ThorTime WasterGuild Honored1876137554891
3ThorRogue GeekGuild Honored1659034637371
4NeoRogue GeekWinner!1622428936161
5Shiren ^-^Rogue AddictWinner!3605255532137
6Zaphod B.Rogue AddictWinner!2325239527421
8Shiren ^-^Rogue AddictWinner!2597937925357
9ThorRogue AddictWinner!2237541424625
11Zaphod B.WizardGuild Honored1393726019563
12ThorGuild MasterDied on floor 191121921511908
13AthenaHeroDied on floor 20888920711645
14AthenaWizardDied on floor 23892420911055
15Shiren ^-^HeroDied on floor 22954422510814
16DrizztWarlordDied on floor 2066821609684
17ThorWarlordDied on floor 1992431807056
18ThorSpartanDied on floor 1767671545722
19NeoSpartanDied on floor 1558041235698
20AthenaSpartanDied on floor 1550051065163
21AthenaWarlordDied on floor 1665071345099
22Buffy the Vampire SlayerMaster RogueDied on floor 1771171274997
23Buffy the Vampire SlayerSpartanDied on floor 1485221534964
24AthenaSpartanDied on floor 1458391223779
25AthenaMaster RogueDied on floor 1150621133503